MVA Entrance Exam

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MVA Entrance Exam

Post  Akeno on Wed Jul 25, 2012 4:58 pm

Upon entering MVA you have the option of taking an entrance exam to be sorted into your specified dorm. There are 3 dorms that you can be placed into. Divine Red is the highest ranked one and will also be hardest dorm to be accepted into. Glossy Black is next highest ranked. And lastly Graceful Green is ranked third.

Exam Syllabus:

Pre-Duel Grading:
Ruling Questions: You will be asked 3 ruling questions. 1 Easy question. 1 Medium Question. 1 Hard Question. You must get question one right to be placed into any dormitory.

Question 1 (0 points): This question is mandatory to get right.

Question 2 (5 points)

Question 3 (10 points)

Duel Grading:
Deck: The deck you run is a big part of your grade. The more creative and effective your deck the better grade it will get. Running decks that are common will get you a lower score than less common decks.

Deck Type (10 points): This will be based on the Deck you run. There will be no bias I promise.

Consistency (5 points): This will check whether or not your deck can get a consistent plays.

Originality (5 points)

Skills: Of course you need to be skillful when it comes to dueling. If you can identify plays and pull off good combos you have a good chance of getting a high grade.

Basic Knowledge (5 points): This grade is based on whether or not you know the basics of Yugioh. Such as you can only normal summon once per turn unless a card effect was activated.

Knowledge (15 points): This grade is based on different types of rulings. Do you understand the game? Your tester will make mistakes on purpose to see if you can spot them. Beware these mistakes will be subtle or hard to catch if you don't pay attention.

Mistakes (-? points): Every mistake/misplay you make you will lose 1 point. If it was a misclick the tester will decide whether or not to deduct points or not.

Deck Knowledge(5 points): Know how to play your deck. Nuff said.

Game: You will face your tester in a best 2/3 match but your tester will use different decks for each duel. All 3 duels are mandatory even if you win the first 2.

Game 1 (5 points)

Game 2 (5 points)

Game 3 (5 points)

Attitude: Are you a nice duelist? Did you respect your tester? This is a big part of your grade if you get a 0 you will be forbidden to take another exam and you will automatically fail.

General Respect (5 points): Even if you didn't talk at all during your duel you will still get 5 points. As long as you don't insult your tester you will get points.

Total 80 points.

Here are the point allocations for each Dorm

Slifer Red 1-35
Ra Yellow 36-67
Obelisk Blue 68-80

If you get a perfect score you will be considered for a moderator position.


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