How to Host an Unofficial Tournament

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How to Host an Unofficial Tournament

Post  Akeno on Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:29 pm

All unofficial tournaments must abide by all these rules.

The Rules:
- Before making a Tournament you must confirm with one of the Mods/Admins/Owner. Pm the post you are going to use for the actual Tournament.

- When you make a tournament make sure to give it a witty name. It makes it look more attractive.

- The hoster of the tournament controls the OP itself, but mods/admins/owner may take control of your tournament if it gets out of hand/goes inactive/becomes un-updated.

- Admins/Owners reserve the right to turn your unofficial tournament into an official tournament. So don't complain if that happens, its actually an awesome show of respect!

Now let the tournaments begin!

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