Rules for Asking Ruling Questions

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Rules for Asking Ruling Questions

Post  Akeno on Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:56 pm

Everyone has those times when they just blank or completely don't know a ruling. So you want to ask some experts.

So you can go ahead and ask your question here. Everyone is free to answer and the Teacher will lock a thread once a question is answered.

Here are some regulations for asking questions.

1. Do not ask a question that has already been answered once.

2. If the ruling questions involves 2 monsters please make that your title so it will be easier to find. E.g. Doomcaliber Knight vs Effect Veiler.

3. If it is a general ruling please make your question the title.

4. The thread should go in this format.

Question: What is your question.
Situation: If needed.
Field and Hand: If needed.


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